Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Rough sketch of our bike route across the U.S of A!  Beautiful.  If you know of any friends or family that might like to host 3 smelly dudes for a day shoot me an email! (

-Medford, Oregon
-Crescent City, California
- San Francisco, California
-Yosemite National Park(California)
-Las Vegas, Nevada (yeah college) 
-Zion National Park (Utah)
- Grand Canyon (Arizona)
-Pueblo, Colorado
-Kansas City, Missouri
-St. Louis, Missouri
-Nashville, Tennessee
-Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Tennessee
-Clemson, South Carolina
-Greenville, South Carolina
-Charleston, South Carolina

2 months. 3 Brothers. 4...(thousand) miles of biking.  Many stories to tell.  Glad we are able to share this adventure with you all!


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  1. Thinking about you all day. Send love and prayers as you begin your journey. Gpa &Gma Pauly 6/7/13