Friday, August 2, 2013


Hello everyone!!

First, Thank you to everyone who came out to see us yesterday!! that was a huge gift that none of us expected and it totally blew us away with all the sirens, balloons, flags, signs, bells, cheers, and people!! it was kinda surreal.

OK, for those of you who weren't able to be there yesterday, we woke up in travelers rest, 20 miles from home. Paul left for orientation, and Dave and I slept in. Ryan Boyer, one of Dave's good friends from college came and treated us to waffle house! I have been craving waffle house the whole trip and now I am satisfied :) After Boyer left, Mr. Howell came and biked over to us and hung out till PJ came back, and once we were all together, we started on the local bike path, the Swamp Rabbit. Little did we know that during the thunderstorm that had happened in the morning took down three trees right in the middle of the path. So we climbed over and through them and kept on truckin to get home. Mr. Howell was a mad man on the bike! He was flying as he led us home through the swamp rabbit and on the busiest roads we have hit this whole trip. For all you locals, we were riding on Laurens Road and Pelham Road around 5 and with no shoulder, tons of traffic, and a fast pace, that was probably the most dangerous section of road we have hit the whole trip. But! when we got near the house, a fire rescue car turned on its lights and started directing traffic, and we didnt realize it was for us until it completely stopped traffic right outside our neighborhood. And as we pulled into the neighborhood the crazy awesome welcome that I described above was what we saw! and man it made our day! Seeing all these people that would come out and welcome us was amazing!

After lots of hugs and pictures and laughs, we prepared to go to Lauren's banquet from work, and after that, came home enjoyed the family and enjoyed the bed! but we are not done yet. we have 230 miles to the coast and are hoping to be done early sunday!

Ok, one last thing, We have raised lots of support for the foundation fighting blindness thanks to everyone's generosity. We would not have raised that money ourselves, so your gifts have made this possible. I know many of you have given and very generously at that! If you could please refer a friend and tell them about this blog, our trip, our Dad, and the foundation, we would be so thankful. we are trying to get a big push in as we finish the blog to raise as much money as we can for the foundation. so please please please give if you havent and can, or if you have, refer a friend to give. Thank you very much!

Alright, Thanks everyone, peace and blessings

-Tommy G

What we climbed through

After the trees, smooth sailing

I will try to get a few pictures of our welcome home party for you from dad

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