Monday, August 5, 2013

There Ain't No Place Like Home

Another Wizard of Oz quote, Southern rendition. We made it y'all! 12 States. 4,000+ miles(we will calculate the exact mileage later for another post). 59 days. 3 Brothers. 1 heck of a summer adventure.

Recap of the final day of riding...

Well the night before my good friend/past room mate from Clemson, Tim gave me a call.  We set it up to where my bros, my Dad, Tim, Ben(other friend from Clemson), and I would ride together the last 35 miles.  It was SO good to see them again and ride with them for the last leg of the journey.

The only appropriate way to end a journey such as ours is with bike problems.  Not even kidding, 15ish miles away from finishing America Paul's derailleur gets jammed 3 times, one of the links in his chain snaps, pops another tube, and has to replace his tire. We expect nothing less from our bikes haha, they have been through a lot in 59 days. Tommy said it well..."This is just a reminder to us who got got us through this trip".  God sustained us, protected us, provided for us, and did more than we even realize.

After the small delay we finished up in Folly beach and came riding in to crew was waiting for us on the beach.  Katie, Francie, Amos(good friends from Clemson), Lauren, and my Mom.  We were super relieved to finish, to see friends, and to be off the saddle. We were all mentally, emotionally, and physically tired.  We made it yall! 

Some pics of the day...

Racing to the Atlantic!

The amazing friends and family that joined us to see us finish!

The three bros that biked across America!

Some cool news...We are over halfway to our goal of $10,000 for the Foundation For Fighting Blindness! We are very humbled and thankful for those of you who have given to the foundation.  Seriously, thank you.  It means a lot! If you have enjoyed following us on our journey, it would mean the world to me and my family for you to make a donation to the foundation.  I realize not everyone is able to give, and please if you are unable to make a donation do not feel obligated to do so. But if you are able to give I would encourage you to do so!  Every dollar counts and there is no donation to small or too large! Or too large...haha. There is a link at the top of the blog if you would like to give.

We have many more things to write and will each do so in a future post giving a summary of what we have learned.  I cant thank you enough for following us.  We are thankful we have gotten the chance to share our adventure with you all!

Much love,



  1. Nicely done guys! That is something you can tell your grandchildren about. congratulations on your monumental achievement.

  2. What an awesome, scary, but blessed adventure you have shared. Just like your dad's story of his journey encouraged you, yours will encourage your children. What a great accomplishment!! Not just the ride, but managing to not kill each other for 59 days...LOL I'm so happy that you were able to have this experience but am glad you are home safely. Thanks for blogging your trip for our reading pleasure...I sure will miss it.

  3. Glad you all reached your destination safely! You were all very blessed on your trip! I am sure you are all very happy, but sad to finally finish your journey. What great stories you will always have to share! This will only be the beginning adventure I'am sure!! So glad to have met you all, even for that brief moment! Thanks for sharing your stories! God Bless ! Ray

  4. Congrats to all three of you!! Every day I have looked forward to reading about your adventures on this great journey. I guess I'll have to find something else to read on my lunch break now ;-) Anyway, the Foundation Fighting Blindness can't thank you enough for your efforts. We are so grateful to you all! It's been a pleasure working with your family. Take care and please keep in touch. Jessica B.

  5. Well done! I just found about your adventure today. I wish that I had known sooner. I have made a few friends at Storm Eye Institute in Charleston. We could have set up a reception or something for your arrival. I have RP and can no longer drive but I still have enough vision to ride a bike each day. I have also joined "American Blind Golf". Vision loss does not mean a loss of enjoying life. Keep up the good work. Please email me if you plan another ride. - Jim G.