Monday, September 2, 2013

The Post Trip Post

It's been four weeks since we finished our journey across America.  I've begun teaching Math at Blue Ridge High School, and honestly I don't think I could be teaching at a better public high school.  The math department has been extremely supportive and helpful, and the students are very respectful.  I really am blessed to be there.  Life for the most part has resumed a normal American speed of awesome.  I've recently been able to work on my bike.  By the end of the trip my bike needed to have both derailleurs adjusted, the derailleur cable adjusted, replace and lube my chain, and it needed a major cleaning.  Needless to say the bike has definitely taken a beating.  Or as some would say, it's taken on a lot of character.  I think that's the neat thing about major life events like this.  Yes, they are hard.  Yes, there were many times where we all wanted to give up.  But we didn't. We took it day by day tackling each mountain one pedal at a time.  That's the important thing, that's how you do something that is near impossible or in the very least very improbable.  And I can now say from experience it's so worth it! 

I want to thank everyone of you for your prayers, your support emails, texts, and phone calls, and for supporting the foundation fighting blindness.  We have had such a blast and have truly appreciated all that you have done for us.

Also, I never shared the name of my bike.  I decided about 20 days into the trip that since my bike was made in America, Toured across America, had American made water bottles with American flag logos, that the only fitting name would be Amurica (the first A is silent).

~Paul G

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