Wednesday, June 26, 2013

100 and 1000. Big milestone!

Paul was able to give a brief overview of the past couple of days and I will fill in what happened for the rest of today....

Nevada. Lots of road, semi's, heat, and we are surrounded by dirt hills. We keep lucking out, the road we are taking (highway 95) continues to go around the hills. Yes please! 

We have looked ahead a little bit and see that we will go over some more passes once we hit the Rockies.  One of these passes being Monarch pass which is over 11,000 feet in elevation. So we will take the flatter road while we can!

After our fill of sodium at Mc. Donald's we fixed up our bikes a bit, and rested in the shade. We had been up since 4:45 and on the road by 6-6:30ish this morning to beat the heat, wind, and escape some traffic. 
Things are clicking for us. We are more confident in our mechanical abilities, we are able to set up/tear down/pack up much faster, and we are getting stronger.
Today was another milestone in our journey that showed just that....

We are officially over 1000 miles into the bike trip! On top of that today marked our first day of triple digits in mileage. 

100.1 miles! When we got to Mina our distance read 97.57 miles. Obviously we can't leave it at that, so we rode our bike up and down the road till we got it haha.

Tomorrow, we have similar goals and looking for an early start again. God has increased fellowship, joy, and peace on our trip between the three of us. We have all had to press into The Lord when stressed, annoyed, exhausted, and when we have no idea where home will be for the night. He provides everything we need. It's been a cool process/journey so far and looking forward to sharing more of how The Lord has been at work here with us.

Congrats to: Paul for getting a job at blueridge high school!
My parents and their 25th anniversary!
And LeBron James. Go heat!
Ok maybe that one shouldn't have been last, but still. Congrats!

Love you guys, thanks for reading and keeping up with us a bit. Means a lot!

New stats of the trip...

Highest elevation: 9950ish(tioga pass)

Fastest MPH: 50.2 (Thomas...yeah he didn't draft off me this time, well done)

Most Mileage in one day: 100.1

Butterfly casualties: 3...they flew into me I swear
Most distinct tan line: Tommy

Most random place we have slept: on the edge of someone's farm between shrubbery(we were spotted but he apparently didn't care)

Bears seen: 0...but Paul snores like one.

That is all for now. 

Most days without a shower: 4!
Here is proof...


  1. Big Time congrats to PJ on BlueRidge job!! yea! Awesome journey

  2. Poor butterflies.. This is awesome, I love this blog!