Thursday, June 6, 2013

Plans and Logistics

Well...first lesson of our trip, which I think will be a foreshadow for the remainder of the trip(and now that I think as I type, rest of our lives). This is getting deep! But the lesson we are learning is that not everything will go according to how we plan. Today flying out to Medford, Oregon is a perfect example.

So we get settled in Charlotte  to fly out. Wake up real early to fly out by 730ish and get there with our boxes fully packed full of bicycles. The lady at the united airline desk instantly tells us that our boxes are too big. Great. Frustrating because we asked someone at GSP airport if we could ship such a box and she assured us that we would be good. No time to be frustrated though, we had to figure this out. Long story short we eventually just had to make the decision to go for the flight and our dad would figure out a way to ship it out to us. Somehow. It's kinda hard to start a bike trip with no bike haha.

Flew to San Francisco.landed. Immediately called Dad to get the scoop on our bikes. He went to like 4 different FedEx's to get someone who could ship our bikes. He's the man.

Originally had a 4 hour layover in San Fran, but that was extended to a 5 and 1/2 hour layover. Not a big deal, but when we landed in Portland to connect flights to Medford is where it got interesting. As soon as we landed we literally sprinted all the way across the airport to realize we missed our flight by minutes to Medford. 

The lady at the desk was real nice and helped us out as best she could. Currently the bros and I are lounging in Portland airport waiting our flight to Seattle, WA which will connect to Medford. It will be about a 23 hour ordeal when all said and done.

Although these circumstances keep coming at us, we are softly reminded who is still in control and to be thankful for the things we have. We have the bikes shipped, we have met some really cool people on the planes, the flight had beautiful scenery, and this will be just one of many memory to share as brothers. It's all about perspective, and thankful we can depend on a God who is in control. 

More stories to come, many adventures to share with you all. Would love continued prayers. 

Much love, 

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