Saturday, June 15, 2013

San Fransisco! We are here! (Almost)

Hello again!

Well this past week or so has flown by! It has been a hectic pace, so fast! I can't even process all that has been going to. But it has been a great trip up to this point, full of growing experiences (aka frustrations/unexpected mishaps) and beauty that I have never seen in my life. From the redwoods to the coastline to today's rolling hills of farmland and vineyards.

Today we started from the hotel mom and dad and Lauren got us called the bodega bay inn. As we started, we were along the coast, but as the day went on, we started drifting away. It turned into little bays for a while, but then it was just all farmland. It was cool, because there was a smell in the air that reminded us of our grandpa's rabbits, and we would pass restaurants that advertised oysters and BBQ, a combo that we thought was odd, but made sense because of where we were. 

Well we followed highway 1 to a town called Point Reyes Station. We ate lunch there and bought some supplies. Paul and Dave had salmon burritos, it was pretty good, not my favorite, but an interesting combination. I had a Terri-chicken sandwich, which was very good! After lunch we kept trucking to Fairfax, but on the way, Dave had a few bike troubles.

His rack had broken the day before, like mine had, the metal piece that connected the rack to the brakes to hold the rack in place snapped, well we put a temporary fix on it, however on the way to Fairfax, the nearest bike shop, Dave hit a pothole and broke a spoke and bent up his back wheel. We did the best we coulda Paul and I took as much weight as we could and we got to the shop as fast as was cautiously possible. Once we got there, we got his rack fixed and his tire trued up (straightened) and we tried to book a hostel or hotel or campsite in San Fran, but every place we tried either was fully booked or had a single bed room for 250 bucks! We found a hostel north of San Fran and started heading for it. But we didn't realize how confusing all the roads were. So after literally going in a complete circle over an hour period, a man stopped and gave us directions. We did our best to follow his directions but we just couldn't do it. We were too unfamiliar with the area, couldn't navigate the roads, and we decided that at the rate we were going, we wouldn't make it to the hostel by the check in time of 10pm. So dave booked us a hotel where we are now. And the 2 mile trek from the gas station we decided to change plans, to the actual hotel still took about an hour. All the roads are so twisty and turny and I didn't get the layout of the city. But we got here, and we are very thankful hat God gave us safety to the hotel, an open room, and food to eat, as well as all the other things we got to seeAnd experience today. Even though getting utterly lost was very frustrating, we learned how to plan a little better, and can better read our maps! So that's good, and even though it ended on a rough note, today was a good day, beautiful, fun, and not too hard physically.

All in all, I think we will begin to get the hang of this trip in about another week. But tomorrow we get to experience the one and only San Francisco, California!! We are planning on biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, seeing Alcatraz,seeing pier 39, and whatever else we can!!

We would appreciate continued prayers for rest, communication, unity, and well as continued support for foundation fighting blindness.

Thanks again for your dedicated support and reading! 

San Fran here we come!


  1. Been following your trip but have been unable to get the post of comment to work. Gonna try again. Great pictures of the river bath, redwood trees and mountains. Humorous and interesting blogs. Hang in there!! Mr Howell

  2. What a gorgeous trip and great attitude! So very fortunate!

  3. Sat next to a couple on a plane from San Fran once -- they said it's a gorgeous place and they absolutely loved it and if I ever had the chance, to definitely visit. Enjoy it while you're there and take tons of pics!