Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a day

First, hello everybody! Thanks again for all the interest and support you've given us!

Here are some stats
•85 miles done today
•started at 8~8:30
•ended at 8~8:30
•we are in as good of health as we can be after biking all day
•we are having a great time seeing all the creation God has displayed for us to see.

Alright, today we woke up at 6:30, had breakfast and were on the road by 8:15. We biked from grants pass toward crescent city. On the way however, one of my screws fell out of my pannier. This caused my pannier and all it's weight to be in the tire, stopping any motion I had. (Which wasn't much at the moment, we were biking up our first big hill of the day, and maybe our longest, I'm not sure. But we were about halfway up Hayes hill) we ended up taking a screw out of my headset (the part that holds my handlebar in place) and putting it in place if the lost screw until we bought another about 20 miles down the road. We cruised pretty uneventfully for a while after that though. We were doing fine until about mile 35. We were getting pretty hungry for lunch, it was about 11~11:30. As we kept going, we hit around mile 40, and all three of us were out of water. and it was 97 at that point, so its safe to say we were feeling it! But we wanted to keep biking till 1,then take a long break. Luckily about a mile after we were out of water, someone let us use their water spicket to fill up. After filling up, we were still really tired, but decided to get to the next rest stop. Over the next 5 miles, we left oregon and entered Cali! That was the first state sign of 13 we will see, so pretty exciting! After a 2 hour break of napping, eating, drinking, and talking with people. We got going down a 10 mile section that we were going 35 mph and hardly trying, it was great. And really, from the Cali border to crescent city, it was a majority down hill. About 10 miles from the coast we started seeing some of the HUGE redwoods, and I mean gigantic!! It was absolutely mind blowing how big they were, and they weren't even one of the biggest ones you see in magazines. We took our time in the redwoods, but eventually got to crescent city. Where we are at now. Paul is asleep, Dave's on his phone, and I am very shortly going to join Paul. We all have sore bodies that aren't used to pushing so hard, but it is good.

Speaking for myself and I'm sure the others, please continue to pray for healthy bodies and safety. We are vey thankful that God has kept us safe to this point and relatively uninjured, but continued pray is very very much appreciated. Thanks again for all the support, and I hope you enjoyed reading about our day.

-Tommy G

PS, here we are at the California border, and here is a picture of a redwood, not even the biggest we saw today


  1. Way to put on the miles boys. You think those redwoods are amazing, just wait till you see halfdome and El Capitan.

  2. Prayers and well wishes being sent your way from Greenville!!!