Monday, June 24, 2013

Grace community church


Well today has been great! We woke up on topaz lake in topaz CA, we casually woke up and were on the road by 10 after paul fixed a flat he got from a thorn bush. And after about 1 mile, we hit the Nevada state line. That was quick! So we snapped a few pics and kept on moving. We got some bottled water at the next gas station, we heard the water isn't great around here, but filled up and were fine. Our whole goal of the day was to make it to grace community church by 1:15, when their afternoon service started. 12:15 if we could, because their website advertised a lunch social. And we can't pass up free, home cooked food! So we biked, a few hills, some wind, nothin bad. We did stop about 9 miles from church and picked up Dave's birthday gift, he wanted to get a pipe on the trip and so we stopped, picked up 2 pipes and some tobacco, and went to church, haha.

We got to the church around 12:30 and there was still food left. So we ate and enjoyed the meal, but after a few minutes we began to meet people. They just came up and started talking, and then they would introduce us to someone else, and the conversation continued. We met so many people and they were all so nice and genuine, all were ready to talk or help in anyway they could, it was so cool. It was cool to see the body of Christ so welcoming. We are currently in the home of Don and Charlotte Stratton. We were complete strangers and they welcomed us right in, gave us a meal, washed our clothes, and  have been an absolute blast to talk with. we have enjoyed their company, and generosity. We also met Luke, a sophomore at cedarville university, and his family. He is interested in doing a similar trip, except from New York to San Fran. It was a lot of fun to share our limited knowledge if biking and touring with them. and Luke, we are excited for you! It'll be a heck of a trip!

But after a good sermon on psalm 15 and the "ideal man" we went on our way to the straton's. on the way, another Don, Don Strakon took Paul to the grocery store while Dave and I kept biking. When Paul and Don got back, Don showed us a route for us to take to get to Zion national park. So it looks like we will be on highway 6 and get to pass right by Area 51, that'll be cool!

We enjoyed dinner and conversation with the Straton's. and I also got some great info on a laptop for college, they own a company that builds custom laptops, so I think I know where I'm buying my next laptop! Their website is if you are interested. Other than that, we are headed to Carson city tomorrow to fix my broken spoke (finally!) and get all our bike needs for the next few weeks, as it looks like there's not another bike shop for a while.

And just to sum up, God has been answering prayers this whole trip, including safety and places to stay, unity between the three of us, and so much more! It has been amazing to see generosity from people that take just a moment to stop and talk. We have enjoyed sharing our story with people and spreading awareness about usher's syndrome the foundation fighting blindness, but we really enjoy talking with people beyond that and hearing their stories as well! They are so cool to hear. And lastly, we are loving all the beauty in creation, everyday is different, and everyday is incredible, and everyday is an adventure! 

Thanks again for all the prayers and support y'all are giving, they have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated or unanswered. 

And with that, goodnight everyone!


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