Monday, July 22, 2013

Back on the map (almost)

We have officially finish with Kansas!  Yay, state number six done and only about a thousand miles to go.  At this point we are about forty miles from Jefferson City and if all goes according to plan we should be hitting up St. Louis by Tuesday.  That means we would cross a full state in less than a week!  

Two days ago we had the great privilege   of bike with THE MARK LASSITEERRR.  The man decided to bike with us, and boy did he bike.  Not only did he bike with a fixed gear (a bike with only one gear and pedals that rotate at the same speed as the the wheel). He dominated some of the only hills in Kansas AND he biked 70 miles.  What a savage! 

After parting ways we made it into the Missouri (woohoo), and began to look for a place to sleep.  A little while later we found a perfect place completely hidden away from the road.
We hid in the woods which was gear, save for the copious amounts of poison ivy that I'm hoping none of us touched. 
This is my haha I'm not itching yet face.

This morning we set off about 7:15ish in hopes of going to church forty miles away.  Unfortunately though I must confess I was slow today and we didn't make a service.  So we biked on.  For lunch we stayed at Cole Camp and ate some superb BBQ at the Red Herring.  

Once we were all satiated from the meal we headed over to a Lutheran church.  The dude there totally welcomed us in, and gave us an air conditioned place to nap and recuperate.   It was awesome!

Now, we are sitting/laying on the back of what I think is a Mennonite church.  

A special thanks to everyone who is praying for us. It really is making a difference on our trip.


Mark pumping us up.  "I can ride my bike with no handlebars"

It's as big as it looks...

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  1. Still pryaing for you guys. I am going to miss this blog when you are finally home.