Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Roomie Legacy!'

I wanted to dedicate the title and intro of this post to Scott, Timmy Tate, and Blake! My past room mates at Clemson. Pwning noobs in Halo, making delicious ham/cheese/sweet baby rays BBQ sauce tortilla sandwiches, and laying down sick random beat box beats, along with many other memories will FOREVER be cherished. Seriously, y'all are the best.

Well, we are currently underneath some railroad tracks. This is home for the night!
My tent has the glares and the track is right above it. Not a great picture, but the location is pretty sweet.

Today was a bit of a grind. We had headwind for basically the entire day but thankfully we were still able to get in over 100 miles. My butt is sore. I am thinking of replacing my bike seat with a beach cruiser seat or some Lazy Boy product. The idea seems really good to me right now, haha.

Nothing particular exciting today, but I will give you some events that occurred. This is what we saw today...
Very flat, cool temperatures, for 100ish miles. 

We are officially on the transamerica bike route, and we saw roughly 10 bicycle tourists on the road today. This is the most we have seen in a single day by far, kinda cool. We didn't stay long to chat further than the typical questions (where are you from? Where is your final destination? Miles in a day? Etc) since we are under a bit of a time crunch, but still really cool to see so many people doing a similar trip.

Bugs decided to try attacking me again. They went kamikaze style today. I had two bees hit my right cheek(face) and another bug that was either a bee or grasshopper stick to my lip. Haha it woke me up to say the least.

Also, I have some big news to share. It's official! I have named the bike. It was a delicate process but his name has grown on me. 

Y'all, meet Cadmen!
Gender: XY(MAN)
Personality: Deep inner desire for companionship, and willing to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.
Anglo-Saxon meaning: Warrior
Welsh meaning: Warrior
Celtic meaning: Fighter
Type of bike: cannondale CAAD 8(Cadmen)

Haha i actually didnt make up a lot of that. It is kind of ridiculous but very necessary on a trek like this.

Other top suggestions: 
Ferdinand(Grace Walters)
Grit(Mrs Ramsey)

I hear my brother snoring, and I think it's about time for me to do the same.

How you can be praying for us:
-Communication with each other(different than talking at each other)...this can be difficult for us guys haha. i just want us to stay on the same page
-that we would take it day by day
-energy and rest
-Get to spend more quality time in the word
-that we would glorify Christ above all else

Thanks guys,

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