Monday, July 15, 2013

On-ward, East-ward, and home-ward

I am proudly typing from a computer for the first time in well over a month.  What is this?  Technology?  I'm somewhat out of practice but, in all honesty I love typing my thoughts out on a computer.  I can backtrack, erase, rephrase more completely, bring out what I am thinking.  It's wonderful!

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our biking journey.  After taking a 24 hour rest period we have begun to conquer the mid west plains.  The resting was awesome!  It gave each of us to recuperate from the monstrous Rockies that we just came through.  We were able to let loose and not think about biking, maps, or where our next meal was going to come from.  That led into today.  Today we went to church for the first time in three weeks.  I loved it.  There is just something special about worshiping with other believers.  Several of the congregation came up and talked with us and we even had a dude pray for us!

After church we went to Walmart and bought some much needed basics.  We greased our chains, bought things like peanut butter, bagels, protein bars and drinks, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and a few other things in order to be prepped for this coming week.  On a side note I almost bought gummy bear vitamins, I think I'm still regretting not getting them, o well.  And then we headed off towards Ordway, Co (50 miles away) on highway 96.  Which we will be taking for at least the next 250 miles.

Surprisingly we got lost for only the second time this entire trip.  We ended up missing the 96 split and stayed on highway 50 until we got to Fowler, Co.  Thankfully this only cost us about a mile or two since highway 50 parallels highway 96.  From Fowler we took the nearest road to get to highway 96.  On this road we encountered some crazy side wind.  It was coming from the East (we were riding North-ish), and my bike was literally tilting sideways about 15 degrees due to the wind.  Wholey Cow!  Once on 96 we hit headwind gusts like that basically the entire way to Orway (20ish miles).  Although that was tough it did prove to bring one really helpful benefit.  Clouds (and with it rain).  The clouds blocked the sun and protected us from what we learned to be the hottest part of Colorado.  Yay thank you Lord!  Apparently this area has been in the 100's nearly all of June.  So we have been most fortunate.

We biked until about 830 or 9 and are now at a Hotel Ordway.  Just a little shout out, this place has very inexpensive biker rates, especially for the quality of the rooms, and the service that the owners have shown us.  I highly recommend it if you happen to be in the area.  Anyways, we are here and tomorrow our goal is to make it into Kansas!  Hurrah!!  By the way that reminds me.  Please be praying for tailwinds.  Our goal is to be doing 110+ miles daily for the rest of the trip and God is Lord over the earth (including the winds), and so if it is His will, tailwinds would be awesome.  Peace and goodnight y'all!
~Paul G

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  1. I have really enjoyed following you guys and partnering with you in prayer. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories is really really cool! Also, know that I have been gladly praying for you. For some reason, praying for tail winds brought a big smile to my face. I figure if, when standing on a boat in a stormy sea, Jesus can command the wind and waves to be calm, He can also command them to be at your backs. I love that. You are men among men.