Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Somewhat witty blog post title'

Corn. Kansas. Corn. Has. Corn. A. Corn. Lot. Corn. Of. Corn. Corn.

Here is a picture of corn.

Here are my two brothers as we bond next to corn.

And this is how I feel....
I don't really know what emotion I am trying to convey in this picture. But my friend Connie found this one of me and I  thought it was appropriate haha. The Mac is a wonderful tool.

A little more history/knowledge/ and back ground....

Early on when we started planning for this trip we didn't think we would be doing it for a cause/foundation. We just wanted an adventure to be honest. As time progressed the more it seemed appropriate that we raise some sort of support/awareness about Ushers Syndrome, the genetic disorder our Dad has inherited. He inspired us to bike across the country through telling us stories, and has made a huge impact on our lives! All of you Dads (and Moms!!) do.

Well Ushers syndrome affects both hearing and seeing. The seeing portion of the disorder is called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and is one of many seeing disorders The Foundation for Fighting Blindness is striving to prevent and cure. RP is diagnosed early on and slowly degenerates the Retina. The rods and cones in the eye die over time. This creates tunnel vision over time taking away peripheral vision and most people diagnosed are legally blind by age 40. I am pretty sure out Dad is not legally blind yet, which is cool because he's over 50! But over time our family has seen its progression. 

It's not really something our family actively thinks about either. We have been able to take it in stride more or less. It has been cool to see our Mom gladly and faithfully step into the role as supporter (both for our Dad and family!) and there are just as many things we have learned from her as our Dad.

And there is one more in the Garrigan clan that I have failed to mention.....

Oreo, our dog!

I am just kidding Lauren!! Haha. This girl is doin some cool things this summer. CEF, helping bringing the good news to the upstate! Proud of what she is doing, for real.

So yeah, it's Kansas. And instead of the same blog post for 4 days straight I thought I would share some about our cause, and share a little about our family. 

Don't read into it too much, we are a far from perfect family. Y'all don't get to read about our petty arguments, frustrations, and indifferences with each other haha. Yes, they definitely happen. At the end of the day we are just a normal family changed by the work of Christ. 

To Him be the glory, 

P.S. seeing ma boi Mark 'lil dime' Lassiter tomorrow! Can not wait. Peace you guys, Cadman and I have many corns to conquer tomorrow!


  1. Your mom and dad are truly awesome people and that is evident in their children.

  2. Thanks again for highlighting the Foundation and helping to spread awareness! Enjoy the corn! Have you had a chance to eat any of it?? -Jessica

  3. glad y'all have gotten to see lots of Akbars.

    with love, The Boyers

  4. i got a shout out. Made my week:)

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