Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wooah! We're half way there! Wooah! Livin on a prayer!


I hope y'all sang along as you read the title. I did! But really, we are a little over halfway done. We have gone roughly 2,300 miles and have 1,700-1,800 miles left to do. And about 18 days to do it! So yay for averaging 100+ miles a day! And the second part, we have been living on prayers. Both our own, as well as those y'all pray for us. We have had so many seemingly insignificant miracles happen and answered prayers for things that are needed. God has been teaching us that lesson for sure, how we are dependent on Him, but He is always there with what we need.

Today we arrived in the city of pueblo! Our "halfway point" of the trip. We are through the Rockies, and have roughly half he country left to cross. But we made it this far, and Lord willing, we'll make it the rest of the way.

We arrived from Westcliffe, and after descending a total of 4,000 ft today, we arrived in pueblo around 2. We went to lunch at the Bingo Burger. I wish we had taken a picture, it was a nice restaurant, it reminded me of a five guys. After that, we headed to our hotel!! We are at a days inn, thanks to Mrs. Ramsey! And man, compared to that budget inn back in San Fran, this is a castle! We have a/c, a pool, two beds, wifi, a shower and laundry! Man, what else could we ask for! (This is really a treat, thank you!) after checking in our cousin, Elizabeth, came down from Colorado Springs and we got to hang out with her for a bit. That was fun! We haven't seen her in awhile so it was nice to see her again. We went out and saw despicable me 2! (Very funny, I would suggest it to all ages) and then out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays! Man I'll tell ya, today really spoiled us. We ate real food, got a real shower, man! I think today was a day everyone needed to use just to rest.

Tomorrow we get to go to church! That will be very nice, we haven't been near a curb the past two Sundays, and therefore, have not been able to hear a live sermon. We have listened to podcasts, but it's not the same. So we are all looking forward to worshiping with a church tomorrow! And after that, run some errands, eat lunch, and head on our way!

It's weird to think that today is day 36 of the trip, and we have 18 days left. We are 2/3 done! Where has the time gone! But everyday, every adventure, every frustration, every ounce of pain searing through our behinds, it's all been worth it. This trip has blessed us with a chance to see something we never would have been able to see otherwise.

Alright, we'll its time for me to enjoy the bed and get some rest, but y'all keep enjoying your summer! And keep posting comments, we love to read them and hear how y'all are doing as well!

Ok, thanks again to all of you, till next time


Here we are as we entered pueblo!

And me!

And here's what most of the descent looked like today, with mountains in the background. So beautiful!


  1. Did you guys come up with any names for your bikes?


  2. Alright - following ya'll daily!! Enjoy the ride. Stay strong! BH