Saturday, July 20, 2013

A new high score!

IWell good morning everyone!

I am still lying in bed in a motel, and it feels good! I know we just spent the night in a bed a few days ago, but we have a reason for this one.

Yesterday, we woke up around the usual time and left our campsite at Marion lake reservoir. We went into town, got some food, and were truckin along. Today was different than the previous days we have had in Kansas. We had tailwind! But it was pretty sunny and really hot. The past few days we have been shades by cloud cover, but not today. It's ok though, we just lathered up with sunscreen and were in good shape. After about an hour and a half, we pulled off at another gas station, got some water and Gatorade. After about a 30 minute break we kept going to our lunch spot, Emporia. Once there we went to Freddy's. It's a pretty cool restaurant, we all had California steak burgers. They tasted pretty good! We relaxed there in the ad for a little bit before heading back out into weather that I'm positive  broke 100° I'm not sure by how much though. To give you an idea, I changed before lunch and left all the clothes on the bike, after lunch, they were all dry.

Anyways, we began our trek to our stopping spot for the night which was Pomona lake state park. We were all really excited to go because we had a friend waiting for us! David's friend from Clemson, Mark Lassiter! He was coming down from his internship in Omaha to meet us for the night! 

Before meeting him though, we stopped in a little town called reading (pronounced reding). We hit the Miracle Cafe, which has a really cool story behind it, but the family there have us free dessert AND ice cold water with ice in it!!! We were soooo thankful! It was awesome! And they were really cool, if we didnt have to make it to Pomona, we would have stayed there for the night, it was that cool!

Anyways, we met mark and he had an awesome surprise for us! He bought us a hotel! That is the good reason I mentioned earlier for sleeping in a bed, it was free and we got company!! We hung out with mark for a bit and then crashed, man, it was great to hang out with someone that we knew.

Oh, and the record I mentioned in the title, we hit 105 miles yesterday! So a new high for the trip! However, I don't think that will happen today, we have wind coming from the east, north east so pretty much headwind all day! But mark is coming biking with us today for a bit! So more adventures await! Here we come!

Thanks God for friendship, for energy, for safety, and for an opportunity to experience this country in such an amazing way!

Y'all have a great day!


Our lunch city

Our meal

The cafe with water and dessert!

And mark!!

Oh and how could I forget, Kansas

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