Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy belated Amurica day!

 We are all blessed to be in the great U.S. of A! Hope your 4th of July was full of American hobbies like eating and exploding things. Unfortunately we didn't get to do a ton of either but i cant really complain when we get to bike through America. Freedom comes with a price and we thank all of those who fought and are fighting for our freedom!

Well I will show you a map of what we have done these past few days.
We hit the Rockies. If you cant see, those are increments of 1,000 ft in elevation.
Yuuup, our legs are feeling it.

Y'all, we ascended on hills with 14% grades. 14%! Usually hills are mental more than anything, you just grind it out and keep pushing until you are at the top. No. 14% grade hills/ cliffs grind you out. It tested all of us in basically every way. Mentally and physically(obviously), emotionally( i felt bipolar ranging from happy to be experiencing a challenge, to having a strong desire to cry, to sheer anger...if we are being honest, in my mind have never cursed at so many inanimate objects in my life), and spiritually( prayers of strength and Christ like attitude. Haha for real though). The only other way I can try to describe this is that I was afraid to sit down in my seat. If I did, I automatically popped a wheelie because all of the weight in the back and steepness of the hill. Haha the Rockies are unreal.

Here is how we felt after.
Haha we are goobs. Humbling for sure. We felt relieved/exhausted/accomplished after such a trek.

Being slightly behind schedule we are trying to average about 65-70miles a day through the Rockies. Funny goal because that what we have averaged in the trip before the rockies. But we are exceeding our goal so far! then once we hit the plains of the Midwest and beyond we are going to start cranking out the mileage. So all who are looking to join for a portion of the trip beware and be ready! We have to be back on July 31st. Our goal is set and we are ready for the challenge. Chuck town friends be ready!

More random stats of the trip:

Things broken- 9 spokes, 14 tubes, 4 struts that connect the rack to the frame, 1 rack, 2 speedometers, 1 set of cleats, 1 watch, 4 cable caps, 1 can opener, 2 bike levers, 1 spork(spoon/fork), numerous pens, 2 bungee cords, 1 mirror. Whew. 

Items used for minor repairs: duct tape and zip ties!

Most money gambled: $1

Return on gamble: $1 (aw yeah)

Most intelligent conversation: debating whether or not we were currently descending or ascending while going down the mountain....yes it really happened.

What I look forward to the most(besides seeing friends and family): a home cooked meal!

Update on animal casualties: 1 more butterfly, and a bird. Yes a bird. I don't know how, but Paul ran over a bird.

That's all folks. Here is a beard pic.

Stoic I know. Lookin good!

Paul posted right before me, so read his as well!

More pics of the day...
Also keep the bike name ideas coming! There have been some good suggestions and I will decide within the next week or so.

Love you guys, peace!


  1. Cool pictures. Can I call the publisher yet? What a trip you're having. BH

  2. Dunno if you guys already have them, but I highly recommend bib shorts! Far more comfortable than just the shorts themselves!