Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey world! So, our posts have been sparse recently. It's because we have gone from a nice touring adventure to survival mode. 

This is Nevada(for hundreds

This is Utah...

More like...

We have calculated we can hold altogether about 3 1/2 gallons of water. I am telling you we could not drink enough these past few days. Cars stopped us to give us water, and we waved down some cars when we were cutting it close and everyone we stopped seemed to have just what we need. It's been a cool process to see The Lord provide exactly what we need. Water, some shade under the only tree for a hundred miles(Nevada is for the most part a hot, desolate state), rest when we can't push physically/mentally anymore, and new friends!

Yesterday we made it 70 miles into cedar  city, Utah!
A guy who worked at the local bike shop named bobby opened up the shop for us and gave Tom and me rear touring wheels. These spokes wont be popping as easily! But seriously we are SO thankful for this. (So far our count is 8 broken spokes and 11 popped tires).

To give you and idea of the process of repairing a broken spoke, this is what it includes...(and don't worry if you get lost in the bike lingo, it took me a little bit to learn).....break spoke. Take off rear wheel. Take off casset(requires 3 tools which we recently bought). Deflate tube. Take off tire. Replace spoke nipple. Insert spoke correctly. Assemble everything back together. True wheel so it rotates correctly. 

Needless to say its a time consuming process. But our new wheels are looking reeeeal good!

As you know, we like food. So off to Hong Kong Chinese buffet we went! This is where we met our new friend Margaret. Originally from Connecticut, lives in Colorado, but biking west touring alone and seeing where her adventure takes her. Living the dream for real. We have really enjoyed her company and companionship over this past day, we have been able to swap stories, laugh, and most importantly cry together(kidding). But seriously, awesome girl and super thankful we all got a chance to meet her.
Tom and Margaret eating BBQ. Word. Haha.

To sum up... Yesterday in a nutshell: Crossed into Utah, got to cedar city by 2ish, fixed bikes, ate till we couldn't, met Margaret, saw Monstars University, sang Ingrid Michaelson, rested. We need rest.

Although these days are flying by we don't take any of them for granted. No guarantee for tomorrow. Humbled and thankful for this adventure and to be doing it with the bros. 

Till next time. Christ's peace to you guys.


Oh yeah and I need a name for my bike. Comments/suggestions welcome...


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  2. Hi guys,

    I've been following your blog, and I find all of your adventures so interesting and inspiring! I'm glad to hear everything is going well and everyone is in good health. All of us at the Foundation Fighting Blindness are so grateful to you guys. We appreciate the shout-outs and efforts to raise awareness. Keep up the great work! Take care & enjoy the rest of your trip! Jessica Blasco