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Yesterday we went to Zion national park, and it was awesome! We got the the park by 9, stopped by a bike shop to pick up a piece for our tires, and i picked up a nice biking cap! Once we were done there we went to the shuttle stop, locked out bikes, and prepare for a day of exploration! We first went to the emerald pools, we saw the upper, middle and lower pool, about a 4 mile round trip hike. Next we went to the narrows. Those were sweet. We walked through a river, in between two canyons. We hiked about 2 miles back, taking our time and exploring all the cool parts of the river. It was phenomenal! We really enjoyed that part of the park. 

After jumping off rocks, climbing in holes, and swimming around between the two canyons, we decided it was time to head out. It was about 3 and none of us had had lunch by this point. We got back to our bikes and were trying to hitchhike through some tunnels that we are not allowed to go through on bikes. While trying flag down trucks, a man walked up to us and said he and his crew were doing the same thing, trying to hitch a ride up to their car. We got talking and this man, Lance, used to be a carpenter, became a nurse then was in the emergency room, then the emt, then was in emergency helicopters, and now he teaches all sorts of emergency teams, and is an outdoor leadership teacher, and so much more! He, and his wife Cami, were super interesting! They have adventures all the time! And all sorts of stuff they were a lot of fun to listen to and talk with and learn from. Also for any of you that are interested in going to Idaho. They have a bed and breakfast called caribou adventures. Go to 

While we talked, we watched the stars from the water tower we slept on. It was amazing, every time we see the stars like that it still is so cool. They are SOO bright! And we see some really cool shooting stars. 

Now we are on the road, on our way up to Henrieville where we will be rejoining our map from our detour down to Zion.

Thanks again for all the support y'all have given to the foundation fighting blindness, they are a worthy charity and have helped out our dad and many others. Thanks for your support of us personally too, we are still blown away by the generosity of everyone and their genuine interest in our story and willingness to share their story as well.

As you are praying for us, please pray for speed as well, we have been a little behind on our pacing and will need to be pushing hard the next few weeks to finish on time. I y'all could pray for our bodies, that energy stays high, and injuries are avoided. For our bikes that mechanical issues would be stopped, they take up lots of time, and usually dictate our schedule. But above all those, we want to remain in God's will. Whether we go 10 miles or 100, we want to be where God wants us to be, not ahead or behind his schedule for us. Thank you again! 



The narrows

Dave about to jump off a rock into the river!

What the rocks looked like in Zion. All were super cool to look at

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