Friday, July 26, 2013

Tugboatin Along

Y'all, we are so close. We are currently in Hopkinsville, KY! So crazy. We have almost traveled across the country on bicycles. That is pretty surreal to me.

We haven't been able to fully process all that has happened so far. How far we have come, our experiences, where we have grown, etc. I don't think we will until a good bit after the trip. As we now have less than two weeks left in the trip some of our conversation has been about life after the trip. But we will save that for another post because we still have more days left on the journey!

Well yesterday we didn't do a lot of talking in the morning. we didnt get good rest and when this happens we just get the miles in until lunchtime. After we eat lunch we take a gooood nap. So we did this, but this time when Tom woke up he was real cold, had a slight fever and headache. We had already gotten 50 miles in and we didn't really want to mess with it so we got a motel to rest up for the rest of the day. The lack of sleep and constant physical exercise finally caught up to us. 

We saw a huge change today in our mood and energy getting just short of 100 miles in. We talked too! Haha, yeah it went a lot better today for sure. 

We crossed from Illinois into Kentucky via Tugboat over the Ohio river
, got chased by speedy rabid dogs(maybe not rabid but definitely speedy), and Tom is feeling loads better...
Haha I promise he is.

Coming up we have a few more friends joining us. Tomorrow my good friend from college will join us and make it through Tennessee. Can't wait! And then Sunday we will have A guy from Toms high school I have never met named Jeffery join us for the remainder of the journey. Looking forward to the new company!

Loving this trip.
Joy and peace,

P.S. for all you Brian Regan fans out there we ran into this and had to share...
"Shouldn't that read 'Road Closed'" 

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