Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures are worth thousands of words

I will let the pictures do most of the talking...


Phil(Chesney), Tom, and Paul chowing down on some dinner. This is right outside the church we pitched a tent love this dude! We stayed at the Chesney's house and they went above and beyond to show us hospitality. Awesome family and I wish we could have gotten to spend more time with them at their place!

Cracker Barrel! We love food.

Jeffry, Phil, and the Bros. Jeffry was able to join us for 3 days and showed phenomenal attitude and effort and made a great addition to the dynamics of the group. He faired pretty well considering he is a Carolina Gamecock.

Climb to the top of he Smokeys and made it into North Carolina!
I am going back to the Smokies one day, that area is just too beautiful to spend just a day there.

What Jeffry missed...

Paul's 'Blue Steel' pose, haha. We found this waterfall defending down Pisgah National forest in NC.

SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mmmmmmmm...home sweet home

This was our welcome back to SC. Cool temperatures, downhill, and lots of fog. We have seen so many different types of landscapes but this decent was unlike anything we have ever seen/felt. I think it was a combination the area around Caesars Head and the fog. The fog got so thick in areas that we couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of us.


Ok, so currently we are in Travelers Rest, SC(10ish miles from our home in Greenville!). Our original goal of finishing by the 1st won't be happening, but our new goal is to be finished up with this grand journey by the 4th. We have about 230ish miles or so until the end. This is so surreal.

We got to see the family today too! I can't wait until we can sit down with them for an extended  period of time and really catch up. Seeing Mom, Dad, and Lauren was so so good.

So close. We can feel it.
God has brought us so far, and has sustained us through the thick and thin of this trip. He will continue to sustain us for the days to come and forever more. Thank you Jesus for giving us true life through your sacrifice.

To Him be the Glory,



  1. Good to see you guys made it back to sc safe and sound. I bet you'll burn up the road on the last few miles to the coast. Welcome home!

  2. Hey Guys, Hope you are all safe. I met you guys at the state line in the Smoky Mtn. the top of Newfound Gap. 5046 ft.
    Checked out your site, did not realized the depth and meaning of this trip and what you are accomplishing. I'am sorry I did not help you all out at the time, I wasn't thinking, Dahhhhh! Anyway I will make a contribution to the Fighting Blindness in your honor! It was a honor and pleasure meeting all of you and riding even for that little bit. If you
    are ever back in this area to ride please call me .I would love and be a honor to ride
    with you all. I'll text you my cell #. Be safe and God Bless!! Ray
    My wife and I will Pray for your safe ride home! Take Care!

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