Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweating Similarly to Sunny/Soggy Southern Weather

Some Southern characteristics:
-Hearing crickets/cicadas both day and night.
-Constantly sweating...even when you don't deserve it.
-Hearing someone use the word "y'all" in a sentence.

As we traveled through the oddly named state of Missouri, it sure does feel like home in South Carolina as we were greeted by all these characteristics today. Especially sweating, it was so humid here haha.

Just after getting through Jefferson City we connected to part of the Lewis and Clark route today. Pretty cool! It's called the Katy bike trail and its over 150 miles long. We took this route for a little bit which had some light gravel and shade. But eventually caved in and just went on the highway that paralleled the bike trail. haha. It wasn't heavily used at all and we hardly cared about the couple of cars that honked at us. We have been on much worse roads, and it sped up our mileage by a decent amount.

Other than that, nothing extraordinary happened today. We biked over rolling hills, through the city and onto the flat bike trail. Here we have been surrounded by, yep you guessed it...corn! And cows. We like yelling at cows. We now form stampedes of cows through our ridiculous yelling haha. Talent at its finest.

A few more random stats:

Fast food of of the trip: Subway.....We. Nom. On. Some. Subway. 

Quickest bike problem fix: Paul's chain trick....his chain falls off while riding and without getting off the bike he puts the chain back on. Using his shoe.  It's amazing. 

My body is tired and in need of rest. So for now, that is all. I can't thank you guys enough for keeping up with our blog. It's been cool for us to share it with y'all.

Much love,

Charging through the Katy trail!

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  1. Hi I met up with one of the brothers on the bus today...told him id done the katy and id send link to my blog full of pics...think its cool u all our doing this ill follow ur blog as much as possible...hope u made t thru Missouri n into Illinois before the sun went down...if I was in a better position id have invited u all to stay with us....sleep well ad ill b praying for ya...god bless Julie... this is full of pics and my bike which made it 264 miles lol