Saturday, July 27, 2013

The trio is done

Hello everybody!

Well I'm gonna go ahead and warn you, this might be a short one.

Today was a normal day. We woke up, ate breakfast, started biking, and really just kept biking till lunch. We didnt stop too often, just snack,water, and bathroom breaks every so often. We didnt talk too much because there was no shoulder on the road, so it wasn't safe to ride side by side and have a conversation, and it was too busy for us to talk while single file. Anyways, we stopped for lunch in cross plains Tennessee. Yup, for those of you who caught it, Tennessee! We crossed into another state! And a new record to go with it, we were in Kentucky for less than 24 hours, shortest time for traversing a state. (Never mind the fact we crossed through one of the thinnest parts of the state in the most direct way possible, that doesn't matter) 

Anyways, so we stopped for lunch, and kept going toward Gallatin. That was our meeting spot for Phil! Phil Chesney is going to be biking with us for the next 3 days or so to Knoxville! That will be refreshing, it's always fun to have a new personality to hang around for a while. So we got to Gallatin, and picked up groceries and waited for our friend!

Once he arrived, we biked for another 2 miles is to a church where we are spending the night behind the building. Tomorrow, we are gonna wake up, bike a few miles till church, and meet up with one of my friends from high school, Jeffery Giraldo, who is going to bike all the way home with us! So we will go from three to five within a day! But we are excited for the change of pace, the bros are awesome and fun, and so are new people!

Other than that, nothing exciting happened today. We got chased by a few more dogs, saw more beautiful scenery, rolling hills, plantation homes on hill tops, cows, corn. You know, all the fun stuff. And that was about it, oh! except for at lunch, right as we were about to leave, what felt like the whole town came in to the BBQ place we were at and started asking questions and wondering about our bikes and such. So we have the whole story about 10 times and got to tell people about our dad and the foundation and the work they do and how awesome the trip has been, so that was a lot of fun. And it was cool to see how amazed the people were that we met.

Which reminds me of one more story, (i promise, today wasn't a super exciting day, just a normal one, but there are always fun parts to everyday and here are the stories) anyways while we were waiting for Phil, a cashier from the save a lot, started asking  us questions about the bikes and stuff and was sooo skeptical that we were telling the truth. She just would not believe us, and when Phil rolled up, she started questioning him too, I can't really explain it well, but it was real fun to listen to her disbelief of our story.

And now pictures!

Paul and I at the border

Some scenery

And the cashier grilling Phil and David. You can't see their faces too well, but it's the best I could do. The cashier is on the left, Phil in the middle, and Dave on the right. Ahe just would not believe our story.

And that's all folks! Till next time, peace!


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