Thursday, July 25, 2013

I have a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore Todo

So I realized the other day that when I blogged about leaving Kansas I never typed in the Wizard of Oz quote.  Better late than never.  In addition to not being in Kansas anymore we are also out of Missouri.  After the Arch we ended up in Belleville, over 100 miles from where we started that morning.  I would consider that a successful day!  The next morning was a slightly different story.  We didn't actually get going until after 1:30.  Oops!  But I do have a good reason for this.  You see my phone split in half the other day, and I had to get a new one.  Walmart was the closest store so I bike over there and explored in hopes of a new phone.

After an hour of food shopping and phone choosing I got in line.  Unfortunately I happened to get in the slowest line in the store (not even joking I was second in line and it still took 30 minutes). I was able to meet Dave and Tom at Jimmy Johns for lunch.  Even though it may have taken a while I emerged victorious!

New phone awe yea!

 By the time we left lunch it was about 1:30.  We had hoped to get at least 80 miles in yesterday, but we had never left so late. Lo and behold we made it completing about 85 miles.  What!

I have no idea how this kind of thing happens.  Had we started at 8:30, our usual time, we may have been able to make 15 more miles.  It always just seems to work out that way.

After biking all afternoon we ended up in Murphysboro.  There was supposed to be a campsite there, however, when we got to the spot it was closed down.  So since we couldn't find an actual campground we made up our own;)
Here's a picture from the outside.
And the inside

Stealth camping at its finest.  A little muddy a little damp but perfectly hidden.  

Today we will hopefully get around 90 miles, a Laundromat, and a sweet nap.  I'm really hoping for that last one especially.  
If not that's ok it's all part of the trip.  More later,  until then here's a few pics.

David's laser face

And his double fisting

The card that tells me I'm number one!

And us in the arch

~Paul G

Also stat update:
Number of dog chasings: 2 
Number of persons being chased: 1 (I'll let you guess who ;)


  1. My guess is both dogs chased Tom.

    - dad

  2. You all are doing great!