Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The gateway to the west!

Hello world!

Well, it was a full day, let me tell you!

It started off in the city park of Hermann, nothing too exciting yet. we got some breakfast and headed out on route 100 E, what we perceived to be the shortest and fastest route. While it was the shortest, it was probably not the fastest, we hit lots of big hills. Now none said a grade, but if I had to guess, we were climbing and descending 8-12% grades for about 30 miles, while the downhill is fun, the uphill is grueling! We eventually have up on route 100 and hit the Katy trial. A big bike route that is flat, but gravel and a scenic/longer route which is why we avoided it to begin with. We took the trail for its flatness, and were planning on getting off near I-61 that would connect us with chesterfield airport road. But before we got there, it turns out there is construction going on that blocked the bike trail that crossed the Missouri River.

Hmmm we couldn't cross via the bridge because it was an interstate and we would be squashed, so we spent about 30 minutes trying to find a way across, talking with people, and looking around for other possibilities. We ended up heading for a hotel that might shuttle us across the river, but as we pulled in, a man with a truck stopped us and said we could throw our bikes in and he'd take us across! Can you say God send! Man we didn't even ask him, he just put that out there, he didnt know our frustration or exhaustion, he just offered!

So we made it across to chesterfield airport road, the spot where the next part of the day would begin. This is where we would hop on the mentrobus, which took us to the mentrolink (city train) where we would bike to the gateway arch. Yea. Quite the chain to make it to the landmark.

So we made it to the bus stop, however, we discovered that the busses could only carried 2 bikes. Unlike the 3 we thought it could carry based on the website. So we split for a bit, Dave and Paul got about an hour ahead of me while I waited for the next bus.

To make a long story shorter, we all made it to the arch with minimal disruption. And man! That thing is amazing! Super tall, we couldn't even fit it all in a single picture. We rode up the arch and took pictures and saw everything, it's pretty cool, but in all honesty, it was cooler from the outside than the inside. It is so high! Looking at it was pretty cool. After we did the whole tourist thing, we got back on the metrolink and rode it to where we are currently spending the night, super 8 hotel! Going into the arch, we all said it, we can feel the exhaustion setting in and desire for a bed. It's a certain kinda tired, but we all know when it's time.

So really, that's a simplified version of today, but is was all good. Now it's time for rest. So goodnight, and enjoy your sleep!


The Arch

The view  straight down from inside of the arch

And the view out (that's wriggly stadium, a game was being played)

And us at the base of the arch

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  1. I did a double take the other day because I thought I saw you guys, but it was 3 other guys around your age who were biking through the Colorado mountains. I almost turned around, but I knew you guys were much past Colorado by this point.